August 27, 2015 Minutes

Minutes - CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

August 27, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Kathleen Kennedy, Scott Morris, David Rohall, Patty Salinas

  1. Anticipated Curricular Revisions and the new on-line system: Under the leadership of the Faculty Senate, a newly created on-line curricular system is going to be available early in the fall 2015 semester. That means that the departments should no longer submit paper curricular forms and should take the training to use the new on-line system. It should be completely available by October 1st.
  2. Sabbatical Applications due November 2, 2015. Policies and the application form are available on-line at this page and in FH 7.2.1.
  3. Hiring Update and Financial Situation Discussion: It has been the practice of the college to fund all Instructor positions with “one-time” money. Financial Services has expressed some concern that the pool of “one-time” money has been shrinking the last two fiscal years. The Dean is in consultation with them and with Greg Rainwater in the Provost’s office to determine how much concern is justified. In the meantime, efforts will be made to safe money during the next two years, including the delay of the search in Religious Studies for a specialist in Islam. Updates on this situation will be sent to the Heads and to the college budget committee.
  4. Looking around and looking ahead: current enrollment and planning for fall 2016: Heads are reminded that they must develop a draft course schedule for summer and fall 2016 by the end of October. Attention should be given to enrollment during fall 2015 as a guide to their planning.
  5. Anticipated sabbatical applications, retirements, leaves: Heads are asked to report to the Dean on these changes in faculty status as soon as possible to assist with the planning process for next year.
  6. College Committee Charges
    a. Budget Committee – Sabbatical Applications
    b. Personnel Committee – PSIP Applications
    c. Assessment Council – Reexamination of Teaching Evaluation Instrument
  7. Recruitment Events: Pam Sailors passed around a signup sheet for the Heads to indicate which events they will participate in during the coming semester.
  8. Free Shingle Vaccines for those over 60 at Taylor Health.

Dates and Deadlines:

August 28 Department Heads deadline to send materials to External Reviewers

Sept 8 CHPA Research Forum: Michael Suttmoeller (CRM), “Far Right Groups and Violence against the Police,” 3:30 pm in STRO 201.

Sept 11-13 Family Weekend

Sept 11-13 Ozark Celebration Festival and 20th Annual Japanese Festival

Sept 13-15 Rosh Hashanah

Sept 14-18 Public Affairs Week

September 14 Census Date: turn in PAFs for faculty teaching on-line classes

September 15 Deadline for submission of International Travel Fund requests to Graduate School: International Travel Fund requests

September 17 Civic Engagement Conference, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm in PSU Ballroom

Citizen Scholar Nominations are due

September 21 Alice Bartee Speaker Series, MO Supreme Court Justice Laura Denvir Stith, Kentwood Hall, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

September 28 Faculty submit Tenure and/or Promotion dossier to Department Heads and
External Reviews due to Department Heads for inclusion in the dossier

September 29 Department Heads submit Promotion dossiers to Department Committee

September 29 Constitution Day Lecture, with the assistance of a Miller Center grant, presents Steve Wirls, Rhodes College,
"Character and Constitution in Thomas Jefferson's Thought," at 4:00 PM, Meyer Library Auditorium 101

September 30 Bears in the Know Luncheon featuring David Mitchell (ECO) at 11:30 am in Meyer Alumni Center