Degree Plans

With careful planning, it is possible to complete all of our undergraduate degrees in four years meaning eight regular semesters, not including summer sessions. Select a degree program from the Department list on the left to see a suggested plan for completing that program in eight semesters.

The possibility also exists that a well-prepared student could complete an undergraduate degree in less than four years. For this to happen, a freshman student would most likely bring in dual credit or transfer credits and would have to be willing to attend classes in the summer session. The student's academic advisor will assist with planning the course schedule, but it must be emphasized that this option is NOT for every student.

For example if a student wished to graduate in three years (six semesters, plus three summer sessions), then the following would be necessary:

  • 18 hours each regular semester and 6 hours each summer
  • No required remedial course work
  • No failed classes
  • No change to either the major or the minor
  • Appropriate classes each summer

For more information on three-year degree programs and courses regularly offered in summer sessions, please contact the head of your chosen department of study, or the office of the dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs.