April 1, 2016


CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

April 1, 2016

Present:  Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Andrew Johnson, Kathleen Kennedy, Scott Morris, David Rohall, Patty Salinas

Items for Discussion:

  1. Faculty annual evaluations: Heads were reminded about the completion of their annual evaluations of all faculty.  This important process should also serve to establish goals for the coming year.  All faculty must sign off on their evaluation. If they have differences over its findings, they may submit a letter to accompany it in the file.
  2. Migration to new email system (any problems?): With the migration to Microsoft 365, there have only been a few problems, primarily with per course and emeritus faculty who do not come to campus often.
  3. Faculty who intend to apply for promotion and/or tenure in the coming academic year: At this point, only Elizabeth Foreman (PHI) is scheduled to submit her application for promotion/tenure.
  4. Faculty who intend to apply for sabbatical for 2017-2018: At this point, not everyone has declared their intention, but Austra Reinis (REL) does plan to apply for sabbatical.
  5. Beginning of sequenced registration for summer and fall 2016 classes on March 31 – Heads and faculty were encouraged to advertise their courses and work with their majors and minors to register as soon as their sequence number comes up.
  6. Equity Requests: The announcement of equity increases will be made once the Provost’s office approves those submitted by the Deans.  
  7. Hiring Plan for the coming academic year: The hiring plan has had to be adjusted as faculty make the decision to retire or depart the university. At this point eight tenure-track searches are anticipated.
  8. Completion of the spring 2017 course schedule: The initial draft of the spring 2017 is due to the Dean by mid-April.  Any changes made after that point need to be reported so the Dean can maintain a reliable file on room assignments.
  9. Remuneration Reports:  All outside remuneration reports must be submitted by May 1st.
  10. Winter Intersession Proposals (deadline early September): Please remind faculty who are interested in submitted a winter intersession proposal that they will have a deadline in early September and they are restricted to one proposal.
  11. Preparations for writing your annual report: Heads are asked to review the template for their departmental annual report and submit it no later than June 1.

Important Dates and Deadlines

April 1                  Heads will have completed individual meetings with faculty on Annual Review.
                              Heads submit tenure/promotion progress report on Probationary faculty. For
                              Probationary Faculty, this report will specify the faculty member’s progress
                              toward tenure and promotion.  At these meetings faculty are given a written
                              record of their annual evaluation (confirmation of receipt by signature).

April 1                   Heads send all annual faculty evaluations to Dean

April 1                   Dr. Douglas Owsley, Division Head of Physical Anthropology at the
                               Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, will speak on
                              "Cannibalism in Jamestown! Forensic Investigation of the 17th-Century
                              Chesapeake," at 7:00 pm in CAR 208.

April 5-8               Public Affairs Conference, "Building Healthy Communities: Body, Mind and
                              Spirit" (http://publicaffairs.missouristate.edu/conference/)

April 6                   Religious Studies Club: Dr. Dan Morehead (one of the Public Affairs
                               Conference speakers), will speak on "Prayers, Meditations, and
                              Brains: The Intimate Connection between Spirituality and Health,"
at 4:00-5:00
                              p.m. in Strong Hall 001.

April 14                 Missouri Public Affairs Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

April 15                 Deans present equity requests to the Provost for funding discussions

April 29                 Deans complete report of annual progress toward tenure & promotion for
                               probationary faculty and provide a written record of their evaluation

May 4                    Faculty Recognition Reception (3:00-5:00 pm) in PSU Ballroom