1-credit service-learning

What is "designate/component service-learning?"

The 1-credit component service-learning course is a semester-long, internship-like experience. It's a great way to gain hands-on skills and prepare for career.

"Designate" means that a course is "designated" in a way that enables it to host a 1-credit add-on "component" course. A "component" course is the official add-on class that a student is enrolled in for 1-credit service-learning.

From Biology, to Healthcare, to Management, and everything in between, we have a placement opportunity for you.

Plan to take a service-learning class in a course search

Designate/Component courses have an indicator (SL) in course search so they can be identified during registration. If you're a student, you can find courses that are designate service-learning and then contact the CASL office to get enrolled officially in the 1-credit component.

Students who choose the service-learning component course are required to complete 40 hours with or for a community partner site. The student must also complete a reflection requirement assigned by the instructor. The reflection piece may be a semester-long journal, final paper, or oral presentation to the class.

Service-learning advisors will help you get started

Staff, graduate assistants and students who work in the CASL office are available to help with all of this.

List of advisors by academic area

Use the link above to find service-learning advisors in your academic area or contact our office directly. Your advisor will help you match your service-learning project to your coursework and career goals.