Program Requirements

Degree requirements

The program requires completion of a minimum of 32 semester hours and includes the following.

  1. Core Courses.  This requirement is met by completing:
    BMS 622   Molecular Cell Biology (4 hrs)
    BMS 625   Molecular Biology (4 hrs)
    BMS 635, Signal Transduction (2 hrs)
    BMS 658   Recombinant DNA and Protein Techniques (3 hrs) or BMS 629 Molecular Genetics (3 hrs)
  2. Orientation.  The candidate must enroll in BMS 701, Research in the Biomedical Sciences (3 hrs).
  3. Statistics.  The candidate must enroll in an approved introductory statistics course at the graduate level if a course in statistics is not a part of their previous academic record.
  4. Electives.  Other remedial or elective courses will be selected by the advisor in consultation with the student.  Up to nine hours of appropriate course work, excluding research and thesis, may be selected from outside the Department of Biomedical Sciences.
  5. Research.  All candidates (thesis and non-thesis options) must satisfactorily complete a research requirement of at least 3 hours by enrolling in BMS 798.  Thesis option candidates may apply an additional 3 hours of BMS 798 and a maximum of 6 hours of BMS 799 toward the 700-level requirement for the degree.  Non-thesis option candidates may not apply more than 4 hours of BMS 798 and may not apply BMS 799 toward the degree.
  6. 700-level courses.  At least 16 hours of course work must be 700 level or above.  A maximum of 6 hours in BMS 798, Research and 6 hours in BMS 799, Thesis may be counted toward the degree. In addition, candidates will be required to enroll every semester in the journal topics course, BMS 730, Current Literature Topics, for a maximum of 4 semesters.
  7. Comprehensive Examination.  The candidate must pass a written exam taken in the third semester of graduate study and an oral examination administered by the departmental cell and molecular biology graduate faculty.
  8. Students must earn at least a C grade in all courses.  Any grade of less than C will result in the dismissal of the student from the program.

Research statement and mentor acceptance

All students in the MSCMB program must complete a research statement. You must provide information about any research interests you wish to pursue. Also, while working toward completion of the program, each student must find a research mentor who is willing to provide guidance throughout your research endeavors.

Research courses requirements

  • Thesis option – If you plan on doing the thesis option you must complete three hours of BMS 798 and can use up to six hours of BMS 798 toward 700-level courses. Up to six hours of BMS 799 can also be used to fulfill the 16 credit hours of 700-level courses needed to complete the program.
  • Non-thesis option - You must enroll in three hours of BMS 798 for completion of degree, but can count up to four hours in BMS 798 toward 700-level course requirement. May also sign up for two hours of BMS 797.

Comprehensive examination

During your third semester in the MSCMB program you must take a comprehensive written and oral examination that is administered by the CMB faculty.