Program Requirements

Your advisor can help you design your degree program and research goals.

Degree requirements

The program requires completion of a minimum of 32 semester hours and includes the following.

Required core courses and research (24 hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BMS 622 Molecular Cell Biology 4 hrs
BMS 701 Research in the Biomedical Sciences 4 hrs
BMS 730 Current Literature Topics 4 hrs
BMS 798. Research 3 hrs
  Choose one of the following research options:  
BMS 798.
BMS 799


3 hrs
6 hrs
BMS 797
Additional Courses
Non-Thesis Project
Additional Advisor Approved Hours (may include 1 additional hours of BMS 798)
2 hrs
7 hrs
Track:  (8-9 hrs)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Choose one track below:  
  Cell and Molecular Biology Track  
BMS 625 Molecular Biology 3 hrs
Techniques Course
Choose one from:
BMS 658 Recombinant DNA Technology
BMS 629 Molecular Genetics
BMS 640 Biotechnology 


2 or 3 hrs

Choose from:

BMS 688 Histology

BMS 635 Signal Transduction

BMS 631 Cell Biology of Cancer


2-4 hrs
  Anatomy and Physiology Track  

Choose 8 hours from BMS 645, BMS 661, BMS 665, BMS 667, BMS 669BMS 670BMS 673

BMS 682BMS 688BMS 707BMS 717BMS 726BMS 727BMS 728BMS 742BMS 752,

 BMS 785, or other, approved, anatomy- or physiology-related course



  1. Statistics.  The candidate must enroll in an approved graduate-level statistics course if a course in statistics is not a part of their previous academic record.
  2. Statistics. 
  3. Research.  All candidates (thesis and non-thesis options) must satisfactorily complete a research requirement of at least 3 hours by enrolling in BMS 798.  Thesis option candidates may apply an additional 3 hours of BMS 798 and a maximum of 6 hours of BMS 799 toward the 700-level requirement for the degree.  Non-thesis option candidates may not apply more than 4 hours of BMS 798 and may not apply BMS 799 toward the degree.
  4. 700-level courses.  At least 16 hours of course work must be 700 level or above.  
  5. Comprehensive Examination.  The candidate must pass a written exam taken in the third semester of graduate study and an oral examination administered by the departmental cell and molecular biology graduate faculty.
  6. Students must earn at least a C grade in all courses.  Any grade of less than C will result in the dismissal of the student from the program.