Admission Requirements

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Apply to this program through a central application: GradCAS. Review the sections below before you begin.

Entrance requirements

Admission to the program requires a strong science and mathematics background identical to that required of a student completing the undergraduate program in cell and molecular biology. In addition, admission to the program requires evidence that the applicant will be able to successfully complete a rigorous graduate program in the sciences at a high level of performance. Entrance into the program requires completion of the following.

  1. Two semesters of organic chemistry
  2. Two semesters of physics
  3. A course in calculus
  4. A bachelor's degree from a Missouri State University recognized accredited college or university and a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, overall, or for the last 60 hours
  5. Applicants must have:
    1. an official transcript including all undergraduate work
    2. three letters of recommendation
    3. GRE scores
    4. a statement of research interest

Applicants will be evaluated for admission based upon their submitted materials.  By the end of the first semester, candidates must be accepted into a research laboratory by a member of the Graduate Faculty who becomes the student's advisor.