Medical Students and Physician Comments

Comments from CMB graduates who are currently attending, or have graduated from medical schools

  • "I feel that I have been well prepared for a medical education because of my background in biology, but also because of the many excellent pre-medical-type classes such as Human Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, AIDS, Cardiopulmonary Physiology, Pharmacology, and others. Although these classes are not purely Cell Biology courses, it is wonderful that there is room to include them in a degree program and that they are available in our department because so many CMB majors go into the medical field."
  • "The CMB program is a perfect degree program to complete before entering medical school at the University of Missouri. I have always felt prepared and at or above the level of students from other undergraduate programs."
  • "Had I not been in the CMB program I never would have been as well-prepared for medical school courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, and especially histology. The CMB program prepared me extremely well, introducing me to relevant material and making me a competent student here at KCOM."
  • "The CMB program is the greatest program to prepare someone for a profession in the health field. No other program even comes close to educating [the] student in human anatomy, human physiology, histology, and cell biology. From my experience, the only reason anyone goes to (another department) in preparation for medical school is because they don't know about CMB. I have talked to many (another major) that found out about CMB after it was too late."
  • "I am very pleased with the education I received at SMSU and felt well prepared for medical school."
  • The professors make the courses, and they were very knowledgeable reflecting real world experience. Personally my understanding of professional level courses is above others in my field due to this (CMB) program."
  • "...prepared me very well for medical school."
  • "The Cell/Molecular courses, Genetics courses, and Human Anatomy prepared me well for my 1st and 2nd year studies in medical school."
  • "The program provided experience in all subjects encountered in my first year of medical school."
  • The most positive strengths of the CMB program is that it is "human oriented. A premed student has no business dissecting starfish and learning how plants reproduce."
  • "I have found that the CMB major was an excellent preparation for med school. The broad foundation of knowledge enabled me to jump right into the PBL curriculum, and I have also used my teaching skills which I developed in the 105 lab."
  • "I wholeheartedly recommend the Cell and Molecular Biology program in the BMS department to any college student considering medical school. This course of study will prepare a student for the challenges of a medical education. Molecular biology is the future of medicine and aspiring physicians should strive to gain as much knowledge as possible in this area."
  • "The past 2 years have definitely been an adventure! Med school is way more than I expected, but thank goodness for the foresight of the CMB department [that] sent me to Kirksville well prepared."

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Contact one of the following pre-medical advisors:

Dr. Colette Witkowski* 417-836-5603, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 404

Dr. Scott Zimmerman* 417-836-6123, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 353

Dr. Richard Garrad* 417-836-5372, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 345

Dr. Amanda Brodeur* 417-836-5478, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 352

Dr. Lyon Hough 417-836-6485, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 409

Dr. Jianjie Wang 417-836-6140, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 339

Mr. Joseph Williams 417-836-6782, Kampeter Health Sciences Hall, Room 347

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