Mission and Goals


The mission of the Office of Assessment is to support assessment for improvement at the university, college, department and program level.


The Office of Assessment strives to be flexible thinking partners in assessment efforts at Missouri State University.

Goals and Actions

The goals and actions below are supported by feedback and recommendations from Center of Inquiry consultants who visited the Office of Assessment in October 2013. View the draft of their memo following that visit:

Center of Inquiry Memo, 10-28-13 DRAFT

Ways We Provide Support


Gather, make sense of, and summarize what practitioners at MSU are learning about student learning.


Assess and advance student learning on the university’s public affairs mission.


Serve as a campus resource for practitioners from across the university who are engaging in assessment, and seek out partnerships with curricular and co-curricular groups.


• Collect assessment information from all areas of the university including colleges, units, departments, and programs.

• Identify and lead the analyses of useful institution-level surveys to assess institutional teaching practices and conditions at MSU.


• Collect examples of student learning related to public affairs in various ways and from both curricular and co-curricular experiences.

• Assess the public affairs mission of the university and develop actions in response to data from these assessments.


• Emphasize consultative, face-to-face interactions with individuals, departments, programs, and colleges throughout the university, rather than using reports or web content as the primary means of communicating with and supporting the MSU community.

• Provide a place for honest conversations about things that are working--as well as things that are not working--in courses, programs, and departments.

• Act as a resource for individuals and units on campus that seek to improve their educational impact.