Academic Integrity Lockdown Browser Instructions

Be mindful of what things will look like if someone were to view the recording of you taking your online exam!
  • Ensure you’re in a location where you won’t be interrupted. 
  • Take the exam in a well-lit room, your face should never be in a shadow.
  • Avoid wearing hats with brims, sunglasses and letting your hair cover your eyes.
  • Take the exam in a quiet area to avoid noise from other people, pets, TV, etc. Communicate with others in the general area that LockDown will be monitoring for voices.
  • Clear your desk of all external materials not permitted including books, papers, and other electronic devices. 
  • Ensure your computer or tablet is on a firm surface (e.g. a desk or table). DO NOT have the computer on your lap, a bed, or other surface where the device (or you) are likely to move.
  • Remain at your computer for the duration of the test. 
  • Don’t look down or around the room while thinking or trying to figure something out – otherwise you may appear to be cheating by looking at references. 
  • If using a built-in webcam, avoid tilting the screen after the webcam setup is complete.
  • Turn off all other devices (e.g. tablets, phones, additional computers) and place them outside of your reach.
  • Before starting, check the test’s time limit and make sure you’ve allotted sufficient time to complete it.
  • LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions have been completed and submitted.
  • If the computer or networking environment is different than what was used previously with the Webcam Check and System & Network Check in LockDown Browser, run the checks again prior to starting the checks again prior to starting the test.