Who we are and services provided


Join us as we work together to help inform, and register to vote, students and members of the Missouri State University community! 


Leadership Team

Public Relations Chair | Liz Wertz

Education Chair | Emily Fessler

Events Chair | Camryn Mahnken

Voter Advocacy Chair | Jonathan Mahurin

Funding Chair | Josh Slocum

Recruitment Chair | Ava Taylor

Videographer | Abigail Dawson

Faculty Coordinator | Dr. Suzanne Walker-Pacheco

Contact us to join or schedule a presentation or event at pawstothepolls@missouristate.edu or contact Dr. Walker-Pacheco

Paws to the Polls: The Making of a Campus Voter Initiative

Events and Services Available

  • Events and Tabling: voter registration, information tabling
  • Voter support services
  • Distribution of written information: voter education booklets
  • Training for others to register voters and provide information
  • Classroom and group presentations – from five minutes to one hour, interactive, can also do voter simulation activity
  • GEP 101 (General Education 101, Freshman Foundations class) voter education modules
  • Video production