Facebook®, wikis, blogs and a host of other technology-based tools are transforming the ways that citizens interact with others and with government.

Indeed, technology is transforming our democracy. How do we begin to understand this transformation and to find ways for colleges and universities to use these tools to prepare informed, engaged citizens.

This three-year initiative is a partnership of AASCU and the Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University. The participating thirty-five institutions in this initiative work together to study how emerging technologies, particularly social networks, support and facilitate civic and political engagement. The main goal of the initiative is to provide insights into and strategies for engaging undergraduates in the use of social networks and technology tools for civic purposes. Those strategies can then be broadly employed to prepare undergraduates for lives of engagement and participation.

The Missouri State eCitizenship study is a collaboration with university students, faculty, and staff through the MSU eCitizenship Advisory Committee, an eCitizenship Survey, and focus groups.

eCitizenship at Missouri State: The Relationship Between Social Media Usage and Civic Engagement Among Students

If professors use social media, do you find the class to be more engaging?

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