Incomplete Grade

Op3.04-33 Incomplete Grade

An incomplete (or "I" grade) indicates that due to unusual circumstances a small portion of a course, such as a term paper or final examination, has not been completed. If a student is unable to complete a significant part of a course, and the drop deadline has not passed, the student may drop the course and repeat it. Otherwise, a letter grade based on the work completed should be assigned per the course’s grading scale. Assigning a "W" grade is not an option available to the instructor.

In each instance where an "I" grade is assigned, the instructor of the course shall, at the end of the semester in which the "I" grade is given, indicate on the Assignment of Incomplete Grade form what the student must do to complete the course and how the completed work would affect the final grade. The original copy must be filed with the appropriate department office, one copy must be given to the student, and one copy must be retained by the instructor. Students should not re-register in the course to resolve the incomplete grade. If a student re-enrolls in a course for which they have an outstanding "I" grade, the "I" grade will be changed to an "F" grade after grading has been completed for the semester of the repeat attempt and the repeat policy will apply.

An "I" grade must be removed within one calendar year after it is received, or earlier as specified by the instructor, otherwise the "I" grade automatically becomes an "F" grade. An extension of the time limit to remove an "I" grade will be made only if a written request for such extension is submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the instructor. The student should make arrangements with the instructor or the department head for completion of the work. When the work is completed, the instructor will complete a Grade Change Authorization Form online or send a Form to the Office of the Registrar for processing. The grade may be changed from an "I" grade (or from an "F" grade if the automatic change has already occurred) to the appropriate grade earned.

Members of the military (undergraduate or graduate) who re-enroll within one year of being released from military assignment shall have one year from the date of resumption of coursework at Missouri State to remove any "I" grades pending at the time of mobilization or received as a result of mobilization. 

Graduating Seniors who have incomplete grades in any course used to satisfy a graduation requirement must resolve those incomplete grades by the middle of the following semester (summer for spring graduates, fall for summer graduates, and spring for fall graduates) or they will not graduate that semester and must reapply for a future semester of graduation.