Appointment and Training Procedures

Op3.16-6 Appointment and Training Procedures


The student obtains a Graduate Assistantship Application from the Graduate College Office or from the Graduate Assistant page. Completed applications should be submitted to the department/unit in which the assistantship is sought. The Graduate College is not involved in the initial hiring process of the individual departments/offices, however, they should feel free to contact the Graduate College if they would like to determine an applicants eligibility prior to the interviewing or offering of a G.A. position to a student. Once a G.A. position has been offered and accepted, the hiring department/office should forward a Personnel Action Form in a timely manner. 

Access more information on appointment steps following the Graduate College's receipt of the appointment Personnel Action Form (PAF) from the hiring department/office.


The Graduate College holds a mandatory Teaching Assistant Orientation prior to the Fall semester for all new graduate teaching assistants.  The orientation sessions are designed to provide students with information relevant to their academic role as well as graduate assistantship responsibilities.  Students having assistantship responsibilities that include direct or indirect teaching must participate in this orientation.

In most cases where Graduate Assistants have instructional responsibilities, the academic department should provide formal orientation and training sessions for the specific teaching assignments.