Fee Waiver Costs

Op3.16-5 Fee Waiver Costs

Fee waiver scholarships are calculated as a weighted average of in-state and out-of-state fees for the mean number of credits taken by graduate assistants.  The fee waiver scholarship will continue to be provided for all positions held by a department/office during Fall 2004 (considered the baseline semester).  Any additional appointments beyond this number during Fall 2004 will not automatically include the fee waiver scholarship.  Rather, the department/office desiring to hire an additional GA will be required to also transfer funds into the fee waiver budget A02000-312025-69010-081*.  To determine the additional funds required, please see the Fee Waiver table. 

* Exceptions to this policy for grant-funded assistantships will be considered when a funding agency only allows for provision of a stipend, but no fee waiver (contact the Graduate College in such situations).