Possession of Firearms Policy

G2.02 Possession of Firearms Policy

Possession of firearms and other weapons on University property may, in specific circumstances, be necessary to fulfill academic and extracurricular activities and in conjunction with law enforcement activities; therefore, the University shall prohibit the unauthorized possession of ammunition, firearms, explosive weapons, and other weapons as defined in Missouri Revised Statutes, on University premises (including, without limitation, academic buildings, administration buildings, residence halls, parking lots and vehicles owned or leased by the University) by members of the University community and guests, except persons outlined below, and that authority to permit possession of such items on University property or University vehicles shall be vested in the President of the University and delegated to such persons as s/he deems appropriate.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, persons described in Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.2 (including, without limitation, peace officers, qualified retired peace officers, and civil process servers) are authorized to carry a firearm on property and facilities owned or leased by the University.

Additionally, consistent with Mo. Rev. Stat. § 571.030.6, an employee of the State of Missouri is authorized to have a firearm in the employee’s vehicle on property owned or leased by the University provided that (a) the employee is conducting activities within the scope of his or her employment; and (b) the employee’s vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible therein.