Diversity Hiring and Recruitment Policy

G1.06 Diversity Hiring and Recruitment Policy

The employment of a diverse faculty and staff is important to the educational experience of the student body and the economic success of the University.  To achieve a more diverse faculty and staff, recruitment efforts shall be undertaken during the search process to increase the diversity of the applicant pools for all faculty and staff positions.  Additionally, the University may employ faculty or staff outside the formalized search procedures when the Administration determines that such a hiring decision will increase the diversity of faculty or staff.  The Administration will develop diversity hiring and recruitment programs to meet the goals of this policy and report the results of these programs to the Board annually. Such programs may include Forgivable Loans and/or Loan Reimbursement programs which shall be made available to eligible persons in exchange for their written commitment to work at Missouri State University for a stipulated period following successful completion of their terminal degree. 

The term "diversity" is defined broadly and may include race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, cultural experiences, disability, age, educational experiences, work experiences, a history of living overseas, and any other factor that would enhance the University’s cultural diversity. (Bd. Min. 10-10-08; Res. Policies & Procedures No.132-08.) Revised: (Bd. Min. 06-22-12)