Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) M. Williamson


Physical Therapy

Role: Faculty
Campus: Springfield

Postal mail

Missouri State University
Physical Therapy
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897


Dr. Williamson previously taught in the professional physical therapy programs at Winston-Salem State University (1994-1999), Florida Atlantic University (1999-2000), and Texas Tech University Health Science Center (2002-2008). She is currently an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at Missouri State University. Dr. Williamson is a physical therapist licensed in Missouri.



  • PhD, Experimental Psychology, 2006, Texas Tech University
  • MA, Psychology, 1993, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
  • BS, Physical Therapy, 1981, University of Texas Health Science Center


  • PTE 720 Neuroanatomy-Neuroscience
  • PTE 721 Professional Issues II
  • PTE 730 Motor Control/Motor Learning
  • PTE 743 Patient Management: Neurological I
  • PTE 713 Human Development
  • PTE 873 Patient Management: Advanced Differential Diagnosis

Professional experience

Dr. Williamson's early practice (1981 – 1988) focused on acute care and adult neurorehabilitation and her current practice focuses on pediatric physical therapy. She is certified in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy and the treatment of adults with hemiplegia by the Neurodevelopmental Treatment Association. She has participated in several short-term medical mission trips in Mexico, Bolivia, and Uganda.

Professional organizations

  • APTA
  • MPTA
  • SW District MPTA
  • Association of Psychology Science (APS)
  • American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM)
  • Gerontological Society of America (GSA)

Research and professional interests

Dr. Williamson’s research interests include aging of the motor system and the long-term affect of pediatric physical therapy interventions on the functional capabilities of children with neurological disabilities.

Publications and Presentations

  • Williamson EM, Marshall PH. Motor Control of the Knee as a Function of Age and Range of Motion. Experimental Aging Research. 2008; in the press.
  • Brueilly KE, Williamson EM, Morris GS. Defining Core Faculty for Physical Therapy Education. The Journal of Physical Therapy Education. 2007;21(2):10-14.
  • Williamson EM. Values Hispanic and Anglo Mothers Hold for Children with Disabilities and How these Values Affect Satisfaction with Habilitative Services. Pediatric Physical Therapy, 2002;14:16-21.
  • Williamson EM, Marshall PH. Effects of Age and Arthritis on Performance of a Continuous tracking task using knee flexions and extensions. Poster Presented Annual Conference & Exposition of the American Physical Therapy Association (2006, June), Orlando.
  • Marshall PH, Williamson EM. Lower limb fine motor control as a function of age and range of motion. Poster presented at 44th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society (2003, November), Vancouver.
  • Marshall PH, Williamson EM. Assessing continuous voluntary, fine motor control using the knee. Poster presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society (2001, November), Orlando.
  • Williamson E M An infant with asthma resistance to horizontal play. Platform presentation Annual Conference & Exposition of the American Physical Therapy Association (1998, June), Orlando.
  • Williamson, E. M. Values Hispanic and Anglo mothers hold for children with disabilities in South Texas. Platform presentation Annual Conference & Exposition of the American Physical Therapy Association (1998, June), Orlando.

Awards and honors

  • Accepted into the National Physical Therapy Examination Academy of Advanced Item Writers, October 2015.
  • Co-Author with recipient of the Feitelberg Journal Founder’s Award, Journal of Physical Therapy Education, February 2008.
  • Member, Psi Chi Chapter at Texas A&M Corpus Christi (National Honor Society for Psychology), 1991 to 1992.