General Education Courses

The department of religious studies offers five courses, Religion 100, 101, 102, 110 and 131, that are included in the general education program at Missouri State University. The overall aim of general education is to develop people capable of making thoughtful choices that lead to creative and productive lives and responsible participation in society.

The general education program has three major components: Basic Required Courses, Areas of Inquiry (including Natural World, Culture and Society, and Self-Understanding), and Public Affairs.

Five religious studies courses can be taken to fulfill the following requirements:

Self-Understanding/Humanities Perspective

REL 100 Introduction to Religion

Investigates what religion is and does, compares religious ideas and practices, and explores how religion influences the relationship between individual and community.

REL 110 Paths of World Religions

Religious movements worldwide, how they affected and still affect individual and cultural identities.

Culture and Society/Humanities Perspective

REL 101 The Literature and World of the Old Testament

Literature of the Old Testament including the historical backgrounds.

REL 102 The Literature and World of the New Testament

Literature of the New Testament including the historical backgrounds.

REL 131 Religion in America

Recounts the development of American religious life, describes the variety of religious denominations, and traces the influence of religion on public and private life.