Web Works

Web Works is a team providing web development and web form creation for the University.

Led by the Web Projects Coordinator, this team develops quality web material that meets customer needs and accessibility/security parameters. The Office of Web and also promotes efficiency since University departments won't need to purchase software or learn additional skills needed for web development.

Specifically, Web Works offers these services:

  • Web form creation in Acrobat or HTML, depending on client needs.
  • Website development, including design and conversion.
  • Programming for dynamic web applications and projects

Web Works charges $20 to $40 an hour for their services, depending on the size of the project. Also, any web form job requiring less than fifteen minutes of time will be free of charge.

Please contact Web Works for more information or if you have a project you'd like us to complete for you:

Notice: Due to the popularity of this service, new projects may have a wait of up to 6 months from initial contact until the start of programming.

Chad Killingsworth
Assistant Director
Office of Web and New Media