Recording Video

There is no simple way to give someone instructions on how to film an interview or capture footage from an event without knowing what type of equipment they are working with. There are a large number of different types of video cameras on the market today - too many to count and too many to cover in these pages. Below are three options for equipment used to capture video. These are to be seen merely as examples and a starting-off point.

Option 1: High-end equipment

If you plan on creating video intended for online distribution on a regular basis, it is suggested you purchase a decent camera and invest in some basic video editing software. If most or all of the video you plan on creating is intended for online viewing, purchasing a digital video camera that uses a hard drive to store the video footage is highly recommended - this will save you from having to purchase or work with tape, since the footage is electronically stored on the disk inside the camera. It is also very easy to transfer the footage from your camera to your computer for later editing or upload, usually by simply plugging in a USB cable.

The Sony HDR-SR11 is a great example of this type of camera. It comes with a 60GB hard drive, which will hold many hours of footage. The camera also has the capability to film in full 1080p HD quality and has options to film in different formats as well. It is also small in size which makes it very portable.

Using a more professional camera like the Sony digital camcorder will give you more high-quality, professional-looking videos. Below is an example of a short video shot on the Sony HDR-SR11:

Option 2: Mid-range equipment

Another option is to purchase a simple camera that has a low cost, even if you still expect to capture footage on a regular basis.The Flip Camera is a perfect example of such a device. It is a simple to use, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording and digital zoom. Depending on the model, they usually hold 1-2 hours of footage, and some are capable of filming in a compressed HD format.

This is a very popular camera that is already being used by many different people on campus due to it's low cost, ease of use and short learning curve. Below is an example of a video filmed with a Flip cam:

Option 3: Basic setup

Video can also be captured with something as simple as a digital camera (that has video capabilities), a built-in or external web cam, or by using screencasting software.