Promo Buttons

Promo buttons are used to advertise short-term items on the University homepage or applicable audience pages (i.e., current and/or future students, parents and family, alumni, faculty and staff, community etc.) They generally appear on the right-hand side of a page as ads-of-interest. The purpose of promo buttons is to promote any initiative/event to intended audiences.


The following are guidelines for the development and/or submission of a Promo buttons request:

  • Promo buttons are only available for events sponsored by University units or organizations.
  • Homepage promo items must affect at least two of the homepage audiences: future students, current students, parents & family, alumni, visitors, faculty and staff or community.
  • Promo buttons must be submitted two weeks prior to publication and should run no longer than two weeks.
  • Promo buttons must be requested through the form below, and each promo button must have an associated website.
  • No more than six promo buttons will be shown at any given time on the same page. If more than five buttons are eligible on a given date, then all priority 1 items will show and the remaining spots will be randomly filled by eligible priority 2 items.
  • Priority is determined by the Office of Web and New Media. Priority 1 includes items requested by the Office of the President and other high-level promotions such as the Public Affairs Conference. Priority 2 includes all other items, including those requested by individual departments and organizations.
  • Promo buttons will be ordered so that Priority 1 items appear first. Within each priority group, the promo buttons will be ordered by event start date.
  • Promo buttons are images that are 100 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall.

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