The University recognizes the use of media (audio and video) as an effective method for instruction and communication. There are three options available for hosting and/or streaming of your media content.


Missouri State uses YouTube to host and stream videos. Videos uploaded to the Missouri State YouTube channel are then available to be embedded on your web pages, or linked to from your site. Visit Missouri State's YouTube channel to see what video content is already available, and the YouTube Support page to learn how to submit videos to be hosted on YouTube.

iTunes U

Missouri State uses iTunes U for the hosting of audio and video content. Media that is uploaded to iTunes U can be streamed or downloaded through the iTunes software program, embedded on your web pages in an audio or video player, or can be linked on your web page for users to download. Visit Missouri State on iTunes U to learn more about this service and how to apply for upload space for your content.

Web Server / Assets

A third option is to host media content on your web server or in your assets folder in Web Press. Media uploaded to a web server should be limited to small files such as short audio clips or Flash movies.