Converting Video

Converting a video file

To convert a video file on your computer using MPEG-Streamclip:

  1. Open MPEG-Streamclip, and select File > Open Files from the top menu. Browse for your video on your computer, and select Open.
  2. Your video will now open in MPEG Streamclip. You can play the video to ensure you have opened the correct video.
  3. Once the video is loaded in the program, select File > Export to MPEG-4. A new window will open and show you encoding options for the MPEG-4 format.
  4. It is suggested that you create a preset for videos that will be converted; this makes it easier in the future to quickly select the correct video settings for converting your video.
  5. Refer to the Video Format support page to pick the correct settings for your video, depending on whether it will be uploaded to YouTube or iTunes U. You will need to update the Data Rate and Frame Size accordingly.
  6. Your preset is now ready to be saved. Click on the Presets button on the lower right. A new window will open; click on the New button, and enter the preset name in the text box. Click on the OK button.
  7. Your video preset has now been created and saved to your computer. Click on the Load button to load this preset’s settings into MPEG-Streamclip. Every time you want to use this preset, you will first click on the Presets button, select the preset, and then click on the Load button.
  8. Now that the video encoding settings are correct, click on the Make MP4 button on the bottom right. You will now be asked where you would like to save the converted video. Set the location, and click the Save button.
  9. MPEG-Streamclip will now encode the video to the correct format, and will show you the progress of the conversion process. Once the video conversion is completed the new converted video is ready to upload.

Ripping video from a DVD

To convert video from a DVD using Handbrake:

  1. Insert a DVD into your computer
  2. Open Handbrake and explore the DVD’s contents as you would a data disk.
  3. Open the Video-TS folder from the DVD.
  4. Handbrake will scan the DVD and then you will see details of the DVD in Handbrake.
  5. If there is only one video on the DVD, it will load automatically. If there is more than one video on the DVD you will need to choose the correct video by selecting it in the Title drop-down box.
  6. Set where you would like the converted video to be saved on your computer by using the Destination/File text box.
  7. If the presets are not open on the right side of Handbrake, click on the Toggle Presets button to make them appear.
  8. Under the Apple preset heading, select the iPod preset. This will change the settings in Handbrake to ensure that your video is in the correct format (MPEG-4/H.264).
  9. The only change you might want to make to this iPod preset is to change the Average Bitrate (kbps) under the Video tab from 700 to a higher bitrate if the video is intended for YouTube (if it is intended for iTunes U leave this setting to be between 700 and 1600).
  10. If you’d like to save this new setting as its own preset, click on the Add or + (plus) sign under the current presets. This will open a new window where you can name your preset. Now you can select this preset every time you want to convert a new video.
  11. Click on the Start button on the top of Handbrake and it will convert your video from the DVD and save it to the location you set on your computer. Once Handbrake is finished with the conversion, your saved video is now ready to be uploaded.

Please note that MPEG-Streamclip and Handbrake can both be used to convert video files on your computer and video from a DVD.