Recommendations for Using Blogs

Blogging is a way to provide news for your University unit to potential audiences. Writing blog posts keeps people up to date on your activities, the goals and functions of your unit, and provides general and essential new information to readers.

Creating a blog can be useful for:

  • Organizing an audience to keep them in the loop on the actions of your University unit.
  • Coordination for events planned within your unit or other associated organizations.
  • Raising awareness about changes and providing an overall outlook on new developments.
  • Offering reflections on those changes within the organization or activities that have passed.


Blogs are useful because users can interact through them by posting comments to each post, and expect to be able to comment on your new posts as they appear.

Your audience can easily expand and will expect new content and updates on a somewhat frequent basis. Blogs are a great way of satisfying followers who are interested in what you are up to, so be sure to create frequent posts rich with content and news.