Determining the Audience

Once you have decided to write a web page, you need to think about who will be viewing your page. Is your site going to target specific groups of people (everyone in Missouri, the faculty of Missouri State, or this semesters graduating history majors)? Sit down and think about who will be viewing your site; this is your audience, and you want them to come back to your page.

  • Defining your audience will help you understand what information they require.
  • Customize your page to your audience, it will increase book marking and return visits.
  • Answer the question "what problem is my reader trying to resolve?"

If your content is highly technical you should try to gauge the level of knowledge necessary for your message to get across. Some people will understand immediately, while others will require more background information to help them understand what you are offering. Knowing your target audience allows you to more closely tailor your site to your audience and in turn create more traffic to your site.