Windows and WebDAV

Note: If you are using Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 to edit your site, please follow the directions specific to that program. You do not need the AnyClient software.

Download AnyClient

To edit your site using Windows, download and install AnyClient, a free file transfer program that supports WebDAV.

Initial setup

You will need to install Java before AnyClient will work. Download the software.

  1. After launching AnyClient, click Site Manager from the "File" menu.
  2. Click New and replace the text "NewSite" with a name to identify your website.
  3. Fill out the information under the section labeled "General"
    1. For "Host", enter your site’s WebDAV address. Make sure that the URL begins with https://
    2. Enter your BearPass login and domain (ex: abc123@sgf) for "Username" and your password for "Password"
    3. Choose "WebDAV" from the "Connection Type" drop-down menu.
    4. Click "Save" at the bottom to save this site.


  1. Launch AnyClient.
  2. Select your website from the list and click "Connect".
  3. Move current web pages to your local system for editing:
    1. Double-click a folder on the Local System section to open the directory. One such as "My Documents" or "Desktop" would be best, because you will be moving the files there, and you'll need to be able to navigate to the folder on your computer easily.
    2. Select the files you would like to edit from the Remote System section of AnyClient. Using the double-arrow button, move them to the directory you selected in the step above, which is in the Local System section.
  4. Edit using the editor of your choice.
  5. Move the completed pages back to your website:
    1. Select the appropriate directory in the Remote System section of the AnyClient program and double-click to open.
    2. Select the newly edited pages in the Local System section of AnyClient and click the double-arrow button to move them to the Remote System directory.