Linking to CashNet Pages

When linking to a CashNet page for online credit card payments (for example, in the case of the Elizabethan Christmas Dinners or other events), make sure the link goes to the correct spot. Unfortunately, it you are sitting on the CashNet page itself, copying the URL in the address bar will not give the correct address.

To get the correct CashNet URL, you must

  1. Go back to the page where you clicked on the CashNet link
  2. Hover over the link and right click
  3. Choose the option to copy the link. This option will differ based on what Internet browser you are using
    1. If you are using Internet Explorer, the option will say "Copy shortcut"
    2. If you are using Firefox, the option will say "Copy Link Location"
    3. If you are using Google Chrome, the option will say "Copy Link Address"
    4. If you are using Safari, the option will say "Copy Link"
  4. Then paste (using right-click + paste or ctrl + v) to use the correct URL on your page