Creating a Foursquare Account

When users sign up for Foursquare. they are given two options:

  1. Sign up with Facebook
  2. Sign up with Email

Signing up with Facebook will connect the user's Foursquare and Facebook accounts. Your account information from Facebook will be used to create your Foursquare account. This is the faster, more convenient way to create an account, but it requires that you already have a Facebook account which you will allow Foursquare to access.

Signing up with your email address allows you to use different account information than your Facebook profile.

Foursquare is highly linked to your personal identity; unless you are editing venues, you will be using your account to say where you physically are at any given point, by checking in through the service. As such it is unnecessary and impractical to use a shared university account for this service, but it is recommended to follow the University's social media best practices.