Missouri State University

PHP 5 Upgrade

During the spring of 2007, all websites hosted on central servers had PHP 4 support enabled. Prior to that point, developers had to request PHP support to be enabled for their website. The PHP development team announced in mid-2007 that PHP 4 will no longer be maintained after the summer of 2008. In order to keep services up-to-date, all websites will be upgraded to PHP 5 support by the end of the spring 2008 semester.

Any website which did not contain PHP content prior to December 2007 as well as all sites on the following servers have been upgraded to PHP 5:

  • student.missouristate.edu
  • faculty.missouristate.edu
  • staff.missouristate.edu
  • courses.missouristate.edu

Websites on the following servers which contained PHP content prior to December 2007 will be given additional time to upgrade their site to PHP 5:

  • organizations.missouristate.edu
  • Virtual servers which are centrally hosted

Some PHP 4 applications will require modification to run properly under PHP 5. Developers who currently have PHP 4 applications but are unsure of how to make the necessary modifications may contact the Web Help Desk at 417-836-5271 for support.