University Staff Ambassadors 


The USA program

The USA (University Staff Ambassadors) Program is a staff development program offered by the University.

A Word about USA

"The Center has been fortunate in that we have had three staff members complete the program and I believe we have a fourth applicant in process. USA has been one of the best investments in staff developments that we have ever made. I have been here 19 years, but I frequently turn to our USA alum for answers about the services provided by the university. The Center gets a fair amount of walk-in traffic from off campus and the quality of informational services that we are able to provide has improved considerably as a result of USA. I’ve heard some rumors that some have resisted allowing their staff to participate in USA, because they doubted that they could not afford the investment and released time involved. USA has proved to us that we cannot afford not making this investment. The rate of return is high and we haven’t seen the outer edge of the hallo effect and don’t expect to for quite some time in the future. Thanks for a really great program."

-Gerald Udell