The 2010-2011 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:

In The Know

AIS Roy Staeger

PROV Cindy Caddy

RED Daniela Liu

PROV Marie Sellers

STUD Joyce Eddy

The Wildcats

AIS Brian Henry

AIS Sharon Lester

PROV Jean Ann Percy

STUD Teresa Frederick

PRES Edward Carson


PROV Calvin Avery

PRES Michelle Rose

UA Monica Sharpe

STUD Margie Stewart

PROV Katie Tucker

Team Gazelle

STUD Doug Greiner

PRES Lindsay (Winchester) Thomack

PROV Gale Lininger

AIS Carol Green

PROV Donna Hanley

Diamonds in the Rough

AIS Stephen Sharum

AIS Brenda Stewart

STUD Tara Benson

PROV Shirley Mitchell

PROV Sheryl Ruff-Hensley

Program Day Assignments:

"The Wildcats":Learning about Academic Affairs

"Stars": Learning about Administrative and Information Services

"Diamonds in the Rough": Learning about Research and Economic Development

and University Advancement

"Team Gazelle": Learning about the President’s Office

"In The Know": Learning About Student Affairs