University Staff Ambassadors


The 2009-2010 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:

Daring Divas

Glena Admire

Sheila Bowen

Nancy Mills

Vicki Anderson

Betty Lewis


Brenda Burrell

Tracey Maxfield

Kevin White

Kristan Gochenauer

Marina Zordell-Reed


Mountain Toppers

Abby Isackson

John Peterson

Holly Robison

Carol Ellis

Nadine Jones


Flying Squirrels

David Vaughan

Jessica Davison

Sandra Arthur

Brenda Waters

Misty Stewart


Fantastic Five

Chalanda Johnson

Tracey Glaessgen

Dana Popp

Carolyn Kile

Steven Lowery


Program Day Assignments:

     Fantastic Five            Learning about Academic Affairs

     Mountain Toppers    Learning about Administrative and Information Services

     Daring Divas             Learning about Research and Economic Development
                                          and University Advancement

     Flying Squirrels        Learning about the President’s Office

    Prizms                        Learning About Student Affairs