University Staff Ambassadors

2013-2014 Teams

The 2013-2014 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:


The Marooned Five:

The Marooned Five

RED Will Hader
PRES Jacqueline Jones
PRO Shannon Mawhiney
PRES Laura Pavlick
STDT John Rhodes



Celestial Guardians:

Celestial Guardians

STDT Elaina Childs
AIS John Clark
PRO Cindy Elliott
PRES Karen Grosso
AIS Robert Martin



Fighting Iguanas:

Fighting Iguanas

PRO April Babington
PRO Adam Beck
AIS Earl Wall
STDT Kevin Wilson
PRO Laurie Wilson





PRO Christina Bowles
STDT Nathan Hoff
UA Keri McKee
AIS Ryan Wilson
PRO Nikki Yost





AIS Julie Blacksher
STDT Jack Francka
AIS Leonard Haymans
STDT Jayne Markin
PRO Katherine Nordyke



"The Marooned Five" Learning about Student Affairs

"Celestial Guardians" Learning about Academic Affairs

"Fighting Iquanas" Learning about Research and Economic Development and University Advancement"

"D.O.A.R.C." Learning about Administrative and Information Services

"Beetles" Learning about the President