The 2012-2013 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:

Ten Tin Adventurers

AIS Nathan Betz

PRES Leta Moler

PRO Sarah Martin

AIS Lauren Webster

STDT Shelly Kay Deckard

The Ole Bear Downs

AIS Mary Bee Ekhause

PRO Lisa Monkres

UA Andrew Garton

STDT Kelli Farris

PRO Joni Durden

TRAJC Pandæmonium

RED Jamie Miller

PRO Rowena Stone

STDT Clyde Soyez-Miller

AIS Todd Sellers

PRO Amy Aufdembrink

The Dream Team

PRES Jessica Clements

STDT Priscilla Skeeters

AIS Chris Stovall

PRO Shelly Griese

STDT Katie Young

Fab Five

STDT Lisa Langston

PRO Rebecca Pearson

PRES Paul Essel

AIS Carol Forester

PRO Judy Pickering

Program Day Assignments:

“The Dream Team” Learning about Academic Affairs

“The Ole Bear Downs” Learning about Administrative and Information Services

“Fab Five” Learning about Research and Economic Development and University Advancement

“TRAJC Pandæmonium” Learning about the President’s Office

“Ten Tin Adventurers” Learning about Student Affairs