The 2011-2012 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:


PRO Catherine Beck

AIS Jeremy Blades

PRES Phyllis Kenney

AIS Ruby Pippenger

PRO Leslie Champagne

Helping Hand

PRO Karen Foster

ADV Sandra Miller

STUD Joy Rhodes

AIS Bill Self

PRO Patricia Yarckow


RED Hannah Combs

STUD Kelly Evans

PRO Janelle Melton

AIS Elvin Joe Nichols

STUD Lynn Singleton


PRO Jim Bellis

PRO Susan Martindale

AIS David Rodgers

STUD Andrea Weber

AIS Karen Willde

M.O.B. (Masters of Bear Stuff)

AIS Lisa Edmondson

STUD Beth Boyce

PRO Jaime Ross

PRES Jack Wheeler

PRO Sarah Williams

Program Day Assignments:

“Musketeers” Learning about Academic Affairs

“Moovers” Learning about Administrative and Information Services

“Helping Hand” Learning about Research and Economic Development and

University Advancement

“Armydillos” Learning about the President’s Office

“M.O.B.” Learning about Student Affairs