2004-05 Cohort - Teams

The 2004-2005 USA Cohort has formed the following teams:

Bare Force

AA Marline Faherty
AF Dale Moore
AA Anna Brashers
SA Elizabeth Wilkinson
UA Andrea Mostyn


UA Wendy Ferguson
AA Lisa McEowen-LeVangie
AF Larry Combs
SA SuzAnn Ferguson
AF Suzanne McGownd


AF Krista Bassen
AA Marian Green
PR Barb Helvey
AF Richard Murphy
AA Diana Brice


SA Jeff Grevillius
AF Steve Mills
AA Nancy Harris
AF Nancy Copeland
AA Edie Sartin


SA Katheryne Staeger-Wilson
AF Deana Moore
UA Julie Wright
AA Christie Englis
SA Rob Hornberger

Program Day Assignments:

Emperors Learning about the President's Office
Jenns Learning about University Advancement
Bare Force Learning about Administration and Finance
Scotsmen Learning about Academic Affairs
MP's Learning about Student Affairs