PRAT Testimonials

Bear Line Shuttle Service

I want to sincerely thank the members of PRAT. This has been a great experience. You have collectively produced outstanding recommendations and I've been impressed by the generosity with which you each share your time and expertise. Obviously this will be a high-profile project. That's why we knew we needed your assistance to get it done right. You delivered, and we plan to pursue the majority of the recommendations PRAT developed.

While this may sound trite, I must tell you that you have made me a cheerleader for PRAT. I'll be recommending your team to others in need of PR-related assistance. You are offering a great service to the university community. I continue to be impressed by your professionalism and look forward to working with each PRAT member individually as we implement your recommendations.

Greg Burris, vice president for administrative and information services

Citizenship and Service Learning Office

The Office of Citizenship and Service-Learning (CASL) had a very positive experience as a client of PRAT. The PRAT team developed an action plan for website modifications and updated print materials. The recommendations were clearly outlined and were within our budget. CASL changed its website based on PRAT’s analysis which resulted in a documented increase in web site use over the past 6 months. CASL will implement suggested changes in its most visible print document, the annual report. We appreciate the Public Relations Advisory Team and their willingness to share their expertise with on-campus constituents.

Elizabeth Carmichael Burton, director

Physical Therapy Clinic

The Public Relations Advisory Team was truly wonderful to work with. They cared about our unique need to market the new Missouri State University Physical Therapy Clinic and spent the requisite time getting to know the clinic and staff and learning about the services we provide. The publications office ultimately created beautiful, original artwork and labored patiently with us on photo displays and text until we had a coordinated campaign that included eye-catching brochures, clever table tents and effective posters. The PRAT team helped us expand our overall marketing strategy.

Numerous new patients have commented that our marketing pieces caught their eye and caused them to call us, rather than go off campus for physical therapy care. I've previously worked with other public relations and marketing groups while launching other clinics but none has been as skilled or as efficient as the Missouri State Public Relations Advisory Team. We owe them a very large Thank You!

Mike Halliday, director

Master's of Criminology Program

I just wanted to let you know we implemented several of the suggestions made by PRAT last Fall. Our website is upgraded with images taken by Photographic Services. We sent over 500 postcards to prospective students directing them to our website, and sent over 500 posters to various agencies and colleges/universities across the region.  Thanks, so much for the suggestions and guidelines. Hopefully, these activities will help us achieve our recruitment goals.

Dr. Karl Kunkel, department head
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

Center City Counseling Clinic

We found your recommendations very helpful, though we haven't been able to implement them all yet. As we discussed at the time, this has been a multi-tiered approach, and will need some more administrative support to implement fully.

The most impressive change we made was with the introduction of the newsletter. We have published two so far, and both seemed to generate better community partnerships and name recognition. As a result, and with the additional open houses we have had (the most successful so far, by far!), we feel that this explains our increased clinic census. We would still like to attract a broader range of clients, and haven't been able to do the specialty marketing yet that might make that more likely.

We have seen increased interest in our services, I believe an improved name in the community, and better partnerships with other agencies and schools. Your recommendations helped us to achieve these changes.

Dr. Leslie Anderson, coordinator

Religious Studies Department

I am extremely grateful for all the excellent advice you have given us including two sessions and a formal report. We will be working on another undergrad brochure and a different grad brochure as soon as the Spring semester begins. Other things will be implemented as time and money permits. All of us really appreciate your efforts to help us make this outstanding department better known."

Dr. James Moyer, department head