Missouri State University

Individualized Majors


  1. Refer to Interdisciplinary Studies in the current Missouri State University Catalog and read carefully the section on Individualized Majors. Make sure that you qualify and want to proceed. This major is available on the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts degrees.
  2. Clarify in your own mind your ideas and preliminary plans for an individualized major. Register with the Academic Assistance Office (UNVH 122) your intent to pursue an individualized major.
  3. Discuss your ideas with your present advisor and other faculty members with expertise in the areas you wish to include in your program. (If you are not familiar with Missouri State faculty, suggestions will be provided when you register your intent with the Academic Assistance Office.)
  4. Following consultation with faculty, present a type-written draft of your proposal to Mrs. Lori Roessler in the Academic Assistance Office (UNVH 122; 836-5034), who will prepare a routing file to facilitate review of the proposal. (You should follow the format provided in the Individualized Major Guide, which you will be given when you file your intent as stated above.)

    NOTE: Student must be sure to show final copy of proposal to each committee member prior to submission, to ensure each is satisfied with content. A copy will be mailed to each faculty member from the Academic Assistance Office.

    The typed proposal should include the following:

    1. Your full name, address and telephone number; social security number, the names of the three faculty members you wish to have serve as your advisory committee; and the suggested title or name of major (sample cover sheet attached).
    2. Prior Experience--A summary of your collegiate educational experience to date. (It is not necessary to include a transcript.)
    3. Educational Goals--A description of the individualized major. The description should include a discussion of your educational goals and any other information that will clarify the reasons why you think an individualized major is necessary for the achievement of those goals.
    4. Other Possible Majors--A list of majors already offered by the University that you have considered and the reasons why you think each is inadequate for the achievement of your goals.
    5. Senior Integrating Experience--In order to integrate the disparate components of an individualized major, it is necessary to include a senior project, senior paper, or some other integrating experience. Your advisory committee will assist you in including this component in your individualized major as a part of the University's assessment plan.
  5. Make an appointment to discuss your proposal with Ms. Kathy Davis, Director of Academic Advisement (UNVH, Room 109; 836-5258).
  6. Once Ms. Davis determines that your proposal meets the guidelines for an individualized major, she will work with Mr. Nathan Hoff in the Office or the Registrar to ensure that all general education requirements will be satisfied by completing your program as outlined. Necessary revisions in the printed proposal will be made at this point.
  7. You may recommend the three faculty members whom you wish to comprise your advisory committee, including your preference of chairperson; however, the composition of the advisory committee must be approved by the Associate Provost for Student Success, Dr. Rachelle Darabi.
  8. You will be notified regarding any changes to your program required by Dr. Rachelle Darabi. If necessary, you will return to members of your advisory committee for advice in making these changes. If changes are necessary, the revised document will be submitted to Mrs. Roessler.
  9. Mrs. Roessler will schedule a hearing involving the Advisory Committee, Ms. Davis, Dr. Darabi, and you. At this meeting, your program will receive a final review, and an appropriate title will be approved.
  10. You will then work with Ms. Davis in order to complete the appropriate degree program forms. (The forms must be typed.) You will need to obtain the signature of the chairperson of your Advisory Committee on the forms, prior to Ms. Davis's signature. After Ms. Davis signs the forms, she will forward them to Dr. Darabi for her final approving signature.
  11. Registration for coursework included in the approved major requires only the signature of the chair of the Advisory Committee. Requests for substitutions, deletions, and additions to the approved program must be submitted (type-written) on a Petition for Changes to an Approved Individualized Major form, and must be approved by all Advisory Committee members as well as by Ms. Davis and Dr. Darabi. The form is available from  Mrs. Roessler and she will assist you in completing it and then  Mrs. Roessler will route it through campus mail for review and signatures of all committee members.  Approved changes will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

IMGuidelines.Jan. '06