Project ShIFT Press Releases

Director selected to participate in disability services development

Monday, May 17, 2010

Katheryne Staeger-Wilson, Missouri State University director of disability services; and Dr. Jamaine Abidogun, associate professor of history, were among the 25 selected nationwide to participate in the establishment of Project ShIFT (Shaping Inclusion through Foundational Transformation).

Project ShIFT is a $340,402 project funded by the U.S. Department of Education designed to provide support for studying and enhancing disability practices and procedures at institutions of higher education. The initiative will begin with a workshop series July 27-30 in Minneapolis.

“This initiative is in line with our public affairs mission and our movement toward a model of inclusive excellence,” said Staeger-Wilson. “I am looking forward to working with Dr. Abidogun on creating a shift here at Missouri State in developing more welcoming, inclusive and equitable learning environments for everyone.”

Abidogun and Staeger-Wilson will meet with 22 representatives from other participating institutions. They will learn about and discuss the latest research on disability studies and how new perspectives can be applied to Missouri State’s office practices to facilitate a change in the campus perception of disability and inform both service delivery and curriculum design.

“The overall goal is to bring back information on universal design and on ways to introduce curriculum design changes to include universal design. I look forward to learning how to increase disability awareness and how to design our curriculum to provide equity in the classroom,” said Abidogun. “My goal is to share information with faculty and support changes in their curriculum to ensure inclusive excellence across our campus.”

Director Selected for National Disability Services Program
Program will help improve disability inclusion on campus

Katheryne Katheryne Staeger-Wilson, director of disability services at Missouri State University, was one of 25 people nationally selected to participate in the U.S. Department of Education grant program "Project ShIFT." Project ShIFT (Shaping Inclusion through Foundational Transformation) will focus on improving disability services at institutions of higher education.

Project ShIFT aims to improve higher education quality for students by promoting disability inclusion at a foundational level. The program will include one member of the Missouri State faculty who will work with Staeger-Wilson to create faculty development projects and to build new skill-sets among instructors. The program will help craft curriculum to be more inclusive, correcting negative messages that are transferred to faculty and thus into the classroom.

"As we begin to perceive disability as a social construct, we can really begin to make changes, making our programs more accessible and usable for all students," said Staeger-Wilson. "I am hoping the experiences we gain from this grant can become the beginning of a paradigm shift within higher education."

For more information, contact Staeger-Wilson at 417-836-4192.