UD in Public Affairs

On June 15, 1995, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan signed into law Senate Bill 340 which gave Missouri State University a statewide mission in Public Affairs. This mission defines a primary way in which a Missouri State education is different from that of other universities and one way by which we educate our students to imagine the future.

Our Public Affairs Mission

The three broad themes of the public affairs mission can be articulated as:

Ethical Leadership

Goal: Students will articulate their value systems, act ethically within the context of a democratic society, and demonstrate engaged and principled leadership.

Cultural Competence

Goal: Students will recognize and respect multiple perspectives and cultures.

Community Engagement

Goal: Students will recognize the importance of contributing their knowledge and experiences to their own community and the broader society.

Goal: Students will recognize the importance of scientific principles in the generation of sound public policy.

When surveyed, 100% of respondents agreed that universal design is consistent
with the University's Public Affairs Mission.