Project ShIFT

Project Shift, Shaping Inclusion through Foundational Transformation, will build on the excellent resources created by previously funded grants to demonstrate a model that offers sustainability in institutional change by addressing underlying systems and campus-wide conceptualizations of disability. Curricular change and faculty development activities will be implemented through a systemic analysis and retraining of the campus disability resource center staff. This initial emphasis on creating progressive philosophical constructs of disability within the disability resource center, uncovering and correcting negative messages that are transferred to faculty, and assuring skills in faculty development will provide the basis for a profound campus shift. Once disability resource center have begun to incorporate social model thinking and universal design (UD) into their own operations, project activities will guide them in transferring this knowledge and skill to faculty. They will serve as leaders for faculty in the redesign of curriculum, the use of UD instructional strategies, and the infusion of disability into course content.