Disability Pride

"Disability pride represents a rejection of the notion that our physical, sensory, mental, and cognitive differences from the nondisabled standard are wrong or bad in any way and is a statement of our self-acceptance, dignity, and pride. It is a public expression of our belief that our disabilities are a natural part of human diversity, a celebration of our heritage and culture, and a validation of our experience. Disability pride is an integral part of movement building and a direct challenge to systemic ableism and stigmatizing definitions of disability. It is a militant act of self-definition, a purposive valuing of that which is socially devalued, and an attempt to untangle ourselves from the complex matrix of negative beliefs, attitudes, and feelings that grow from the dominant group's assumption that there is something inherently wrong with our disabilities and identity...

There is a tremendous need to create a counterculture that teaches new values and beliefs and acknowledges the dignity and worth of all human beings. Disability pride is a direct response to this need.

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