Missouri State University

Information for Students Transferring Away from Missouri State University

Follow the instructions below if you plan to transfer to a new college after completing a semester or more at Missouri State University.  If you need to withdraw from classes here during a semester, you’ll find further information and links to forms at http://www.missouristate.edu/registrar/withdraw.html

1.  Apply to your new college.

In an ideal situation, you’ll apply early in the semester prior to transfer.  All questions about admissions and transferability of courses should be directed to your new college.

2.  Deal with living arrangements.

If you live in the residence halls, talk to your RA about getting cleared to move out. You’ll need to schedule a check-out appointment and find out if there are any penalties for breaking your contract if you leave midyear.  If you live off campus, talk with your landlord about lease options. 

3.  Cancel meal plan.

If you have contracted with food service for a meal plan, separately from a housing contract, contact the Food Service Office in Plaster Student Union, room 213.

4.  Cancel debit account on BearPass Card.

Students who have a BearPass Card debit account must complete a withdrawal form available in the Office of the Registrar (Carrington Hall, room 320) or the BearPass Card Office (Plaster Student Union, room 128).  This form will cancel the account and authorize a refund of the account balance.

5.  Request transcripts.

Stop by the Office of the Registrar (Carrington Hall, room 320) to request a final, official transcript be sent to your new college AFTER this semester's grades are posted.

6.  Turn in parking hang tag.

If you have paid for parking for the year, turn in the parking permit hang tag (if leaving midyear) to find out if you are eligible for any kind of refund at the Transit Operations Center, 700 E. Elm, near Bear Park North (parking garage).

7.  Update financial aid information.

Make sure your new college has all information needed about financial aid you have received while at Missouri State University.  Find out if there are scholarships you may be eligible for at your new college and what the deadline and process is for application.  If you have privately sponsored scholarships, find out if they can be transferred.  You will also need to keep your lenders (if any) informed about your new college. 

8.  Check for holds.

Visit My Missouri State to make sure there are no holds on your record.  Take care of any business before you leave so transcripts won’t be held in the future.

 If you decide to return to Missouri State University in the future, contact the Office of Admissions at 417-836-5517 or (800) 492-7900 early in the semester prior to your anticipated return to update your record, report a transcript for analysis and find out how & when to register.