Missouri State University

Associate Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree (AA) from an accredited community or junior college:

Beginning fall 2001, Missouri State accepts the AA degree from out-of-state accredited community or junior colleges as fulfilling our general education requirements.  It is important for you to meet with an advisor in your major since some general education requirements may also be major requirements.  The AA degree transfers as a "blanket" toward the completion of general education.

Special Note for Out-of-State Students:  You will be required to meet the MO Senate Bill #4 requirement.  If you took an American History or Political Science course while completing your AA, you will need to take PLS 103 at Missouri State (a one-hour course on Missouri government) at some point before you graduate.

Associate of Science/Applied Science Degree (AS/AAS) from an accredited community or junior college:

If you have completed an AS or an AAS degree, you will be required to meet Missouri State University's general education requirements. The courses from these degrees transfer individually and are evaluated as such.  These degrees do not complete Missouri State's general education requirements.  For more information about the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) option in the Department of Technology and Construction Management or the Department of Agriculture, please visit their sites. 

Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) from an accredited community or junior college:

In response to the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree developed by community colleges in Missouri beginning fall 2007,  and approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Missouri State University is currently in the process of reviewing all articulation agreements with community colleges that offer this program.  Please visit the following website for additional information, http://www.missouristate.edu/certification/CommunityCollegeAgreements.htm

Transfer from four-year public or private institutions (MO or out-of-state):

Completed courses will be evaluated on an individual basis, unless you have completed a certified 42-hour Missouri transferable block.  If the courses transfer as general education equivalents, they will fulfill the requirements. If not, you will be required to complete Missouri State University's respective general education requirements. 


Please note:  Missouri State University-Springfield campus does not offer the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Applied Science degrees.  However, these degrees are available through the Missouri State University-West Plains campus.  Information above describes how the Missouri State University-Springfield campus accepts AA and AAS degrees.