Missouri State University

Advisors for Transfer Students

Advising incoming transfer students can sometimes be challenging, since courses and requirements do not always match up from one institution to another.  As a result, each department and academic program at Missouri State University has identified a specific advisor who has experience working with transfer students and understands the policies that apply.  As incoming transfer students are admitted, they will be directed to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss their academic plans and identify the appropriate courses to take during the first semester.  This appointment must take place before a student is allowed to register. 

  • If you know your major, please contact the transfer advisor assigned to work with students in that program from the List of Transfer Advisors.   
  • If you are interested in a major in the College of Business, you should contact the Business Advisement Center at 417-836-5386 to schedule an appointment. 
  • If you are interested in an education major, and are deciding among early childhood education (Birth to grade 3), elementary education (grades 1-6), middle school education (grades 5-9), or special education (grades K-12), contact the Educational Advisement Center at 417-836-5429.  If you are interested in secondary education (grades 9-12) and have an idea on the subject area you would like to teach, contact the appropriate department by using the List of Transfer Advisors.  
  • If you are trying to decide among several major options or do not have any idea on a major of interest, you should meet with our Transfer Advisor for undecided/exploratory students.  You may schedule an appointment by calling the Academic Advisement Center at 417-836-5258.