Missouri State University

Field Education Deadlines

Field application due dates

Submit application materials on or before due dates. Failure to do so may prevent enrollment in field courses.

SPRINGFIELD STUDENTS schedule a 30-minute appointment with Lisa Street by signing up at the pre-field meeting.

 Spring 2012

Sept 16, 2011 Field Placement Information Preference Form (Online)
Sept 16, 2011 Release Information (Online and hard copy required)
Sept 16, 2011 Practicum Liability Insurance Statement (Online and hard copy required)
Sept 16, 2011 Educational Resume (Sample Format Online)
Sept 19, 2011 – Sept 30, 2011 Set appointment with field coordinator - 30 minutes
Oct 12, 2011 Employment-Based Proposals
Nov 18, 2011 Confirmation Form (Online) includes designation of 1-semester placement or 2-semester (spring & summer) placement
Jan 1, 2012 Mandatory Field Orientation