Advisory Board

Providing professional guidance

The Advisory Board for the School of Social Work is a group of volunteers concerned with fostering the status of social work education in the regions served by the graduates of the BSW and MSW programs at Missouri State University.

The Board serves in three primary capacities:

1. Provide input to curricular issues, from the perspective of needs in the profession

2. Further relationships between “town and gown” by:

  1. improving field and job placement for students and graduates
  2. fostering research collaboration among students, faculty and off-campus constituents
  3. assisting the School of Social Work in student recruitment and continuing education functions

3. Identifying regional needs and resources, and ways the school may contribute to community betterment.

Advisory Board members serve according to their strengths, willingness and abilities in the areas above. The board meets formally three times each year during the summer, fall and spring semesters. Board members also gather informally for School events or to assist the director with specific tasks, such as faculty searches.

To nominate a Board Member, please send an e-mail to

Current members

The current members of the School of Social Work Advisory Board include:

Heather Ford MSW/ LCSW, 31st Circuit Manager   Springfield MO  
Renee Jenkins MSW/LCSW Oxford Hospice, 1550 E. Sunshine Street Springfield MO 65804
Philip Masaoay Pro Bono Coordinator Legal Services of Southern Missouri, 809 N. Campbell Springfield MO 65802
Stephanie Theis Executive Director Children's Haven of Southwest Missouri, 701 S. Picher Joplin MO 64801
Lisa Crawford Program Manager Children's Services, 149 Park Central Square Springfield MO 65807
Christina Lackey LCSW/ South Cottage Therapist Ozark Center Turnaround Ranch