Pregnancy Prevention Program


FYI for Teens & Parents is a Pregnancy Prevention Program (PPP) focused upon Latino youth and their families in southwest Missouri.  Located in the MSU School of Social Work, the PPP program is funded by the U.S. DHHS, Title V funding through a contract with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

 Our program provides abstinence-based education and healthy lifestyle information to  youth between the ages of 11-14 year old children through community-based workshops.  Their parents or adult guardians also attend the workshops and receive information about sexual health, adoleccent development, communicating and conflict resolution with teens, as well as information and referral services.

 With assistance from Hand-in-Hand Multicultural Center, a nonprofit center located in Springfield MO, bilingual/bicultural instructors teach parents and youth:

  • Facts about puberty and reproduction;
  • Pregnancy, STDs, and HIV Prevention;
  • Communication and refusal skills;
  • Personal and career goal setting;
  • Problem solving skills (Stop, Think, & Act);
  • Alcohol and drug use prevention;SWMO map
  • Self-esteem skills training; and
  • How to became proud and responsible individual.

                                                          We provide community-based education workshops in the following southwest Missouri counties:  Jasper, Greene, Taney, McDonald, and Lawrence.

Let’s talk! ¡Hablemos!

The Pregnancy Prevention Program (PPP), along with staff from the Missouri DHHS Adolescent Servicesd now offers a new parenting curriculum for Spanish-speaking parents.  Adapted from an evidenced-based Making a Difference curriculum, the parenting component is offered with the teenage curriculum by the same name. This program equips parents to help their teen make healthiest choices in regards to sexual behavior and lifestyle choices. It also provides information as to why sexual abstinence is the only sure way to avoid teen pregnancy and STDs.

 If you would like more information, please contact Dr. Daisy Barron Collins at (417) 836-5645 or

 All classes are taught by curriculum experts in abstinence-based education, and STD/HIV prevention.


 For information on these programs, please contact our office at (417) 836-5645 or email or visit us on Facebook