Office of Student Engagement Staff

Tara E. Benson

Tara E. Benson

Associate Director PSU-Director Student Engagement

Provides leadership and management of the activities, services, and operations of the Office of Student Engagement.

Diane Kingham

Manages front office procedures and student employees, and assists staff with projects.

Laura N. Whitmire

Provides overall leadership and management for the Office of Student Engagement.

Kate Roessler

Kate Roessler

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, FSL

Works with individual social fraternity and sororities, advises three governing councils (IFC, PHA, NPHC) and serves as a liaison, supervisor, risk manager, and programmer.

Andrea J. Greer

Andrea J. Greer

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Co-Curricular Involvement

Oversees CampusLink management program, student organization registration, leadership trainings and SOFAC.

Kimberly J. Dixon

Oversees financial transactions and monitors budgets for all departments in the OSE including SOFAC, SAC, and the Diversity Fund.

Victoria Culver Rice

Victoria Culver Rice

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Programs

Advises Student Activities Council (SAC), Traditions Council, Homecoming, and plans other major campus events.

Devon L. Wright

Devon L. Wright

Assistant Director, Student Engagement, Transfer Student Programs

Oversees transfer students specific communications and programming and advises Tau Sigma Honor Society.

Graduate Assistants for the Office of Student Engagement

Karissa N. Knedgen

Provides support to leadership development programming.

Christina Davis

Advises After Hour and other weekly programming through SAC.

Britt M. Spears

Advises Traditions Council and student Homecoming Committee.

Regan C. Baker

Manages new organization registration and serves as a liaison to the Student Government Association.

Plaster Student Union, Room 101
Telephone: 417 - 836 - 4386
Fax:  417 - 836 - 4756
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mailing Address:

Office of Student Engagement
Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807