Distinction in Public Affairs

Program Description

Distinction in Public Affairs is a program designed to give students a more in-depth understanding of the Missouri State Public Affairs mission and allow them to work with a community partner on Springfield red flag issues. This program is preferenced for Juniors and Seniors looking to earn a better knowledge and application of the Public Affairs mission in relation to the Springfield community and global environment.

Participants will be put into groups facilitated by faculty and staff based on preferences regarding "red flag" issues related to the Springfield community (see red flags below).  Groups will then be expected to provide a poster presentation at the Public Affairs Conference on Wednesday, April 6th, that explains their experience.

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Schedule of Events & Information:

 Informational Meetings:

           October 26th from 5-6pm in PSU 308 A&B

           November 17th from 5-6pm in PSU 315 A&B

Introduction Meeting:

            December 7th from 5-7pm in PSU 315

Students will be expected to attend ALL sessions.  Sessions will be broken down into large group and small group sessions held on Mondays from 3:30-5:30pm.  The following are the required dates and times:

Large Group Sessions (All sessions will be held in the PSU Ballroom from 3:30-5:30):  January 25th, February 8th, February 22nd, March 14th, March 28th

Small Group Sessions (All sessions will be held in various PSU rooms or at community partner sites based on red flag topic from 3:30-5:30):  February 1st, February 20th, March 21st,  April 4th

* Please not that some extra time will be required outside of the sessions to work with community partners and presentations.

Public Affairs Conference Poster Presentation:

Students will be expected to present their experiences Wednesday, April 6th. 

Red Flags:

The issues that groups will choose from are the areas outlined in the 2015 Springfield Community Focus Report.  To view the full report along with descriptions of the different areas visit: http://springfieldcommunityfocus.org/.  These topics include:

Business & Economic Conditions

Citizen Participation

Community Health

Early Childhood


Public Order & Safety

Recreation, Sports, & Leisure




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